Our days here in Tuscany are full and long. Making (rather than “taking”) good images takes a lot of time and concentration. But even when we’re exhausted, we get an infusion of fresh energy from the excitement of the creative process. Of course, tasty Italian food and wines, chosen by our personal sommelier Fritz, help as well.

Here are a few samples of the hundreds of images that have already been created, analyzed, worked on, discussed, shared, “solved,” downloaded, processed, shot from the hip or labored over.

What we are shooting: Poppies, sweeping vistas, medieval architecture, people, cracks in the sidewalk, flowers, trees, rust, archways, windy roads and narrow lanes, dogs, cats, cows, sheep, birds, more dogs, and each other. And when there’s nothing else to shoot, we take pictures of our cameras or our food — will somebody please stop us?

Cacky Bell

The 3 Stooges in Yellow
A shoot-out: Cacky shot this photo of Magrit shooting a photo of Jim and Frits.

Stephanie Sanders

Tuscan Poppy
In this poetic image Stephanie blurred the background to make the flower even more precious and vibrant.

Elaine Chou

Tango in Tuscany
Elaine beautifully conveys the movement and emotional passion of the dance by choosing a slightly blurred close-up composition.

Frits Habermann

A beautifully crafted portrait of 2 Italian gentlemen.

. . . and one more (by Magrit)

. . . a building from days before cars reflected in a cute old Fiat Cinquecento.

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