The Sheffields in Provence

Dramatic Mini-Series | Summer 2022 | Not to be Missed!

Don and Bunny Sheffield have become dear friends over the course of many photo tours they’ve accompanied us on. This summer, they joined us on three tours, including one in glorious Provence when lavender was in full bloom.

We asked Bunny and Don if they would share some of their images from this trip.

We’re very happy about their participation. It always amazes us how as a group of photographers, we can all stand in front of the same scene or object and yet end up with such different interpretations. Our outer eyes see the same thing but our inner eyes sometimes see very differently. The diversity is always wonderful. Enjoy Don and Bunny’s beautiful work. The image on top was taken by Don in a back alley in the charming village of Bonnieux.

About The Sheffields

 worked as a commercial photographer for over 25 years and also taught photography at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. For that and other reasons, we bestowed on him the Italian nickname: “Il Professore.” Don’s approach to photography is creative, artistic, deliberate, and thoughtful. He also happens to be a master punster.

Bunny, on the other hand, has a different approach to photography. As an award-winning watercolorist (see an example of her recent work below), she shoots a scene that speaks to her as a possible future painting. Her “postproduction” consists of skillfully translating her photographs into watercolors which allows her the artistic freedom to take elements of a photo that she loves and leave out what doesn’t work for her. As photographers, we didn’t have this luxury in the past. We used to travel with a miniature set of brush & broom so that we could remove pieces of trash, cigarette buds, and less savory items from our scene. Now, of course, a swipe of the healing brush or the clone tool, and all that nastiness is gone in a second.

On their website (Sheffieldarts), Bunny and Don write this about their creative work:

Sheffield Arts consists of a talented husband and wife team creating art through their own visions and individual mediums – watercolor and photography.

Their relationship is the story of two creative individuals who have merged their love of art with their love for each other. They actively participate in the production of each other’s art through mutual support and encouragement. Art is an integral part of their life together.

Don’s Images

Stone Bories in Sault

Ancient stone Bories on the Sault Plateau

A sea of blue lavender

One among many on the Valensole Plateau

Two window details in Roussillion

Two of many fun window details in Roussillon

Finding the best cantaloupe during market day in Bonnieux is a serious matter.

Finding the best cantaloupe during the market day in Bonnieux is a serious matter.

Twisting rows of Lavender on the Valensole Plateau

Twisting rows of Lavender on the Valensole Plateau

And here is one that had us all scratching our heads: Mules dressed up in the middle of Provence for exactly what purpose? Maybe it’s meant to protect against the heat? I’m afraid we’ll never know.

Provençal mules dressed for success

Provençal mules dressed for success

Bunny’s Images

The charm of Provence

The charm of Provence

Market day in Bonnieux

Market day in Bonnieux. Could this be the shadow of Zorro?

An example of Bunny's beautiful watercolors

An example of Bunny’s beautiful watercolors

As mentioned previously, we are not offering a Photo Tour in Provence in 2023 but most likely will include it again in 2024. It’s just too darn beautiful. Take a look at this year’s schedule to get an idea of what this photo tour is all about.