Take me to church!

The chapel of Santa Barbara in the Italian Dolomites at Blue Hour

The same chapel from the backside wit the Geisler Group in the background

Photographing Houses of Worship in some of Europe’s most amazing locations

Yes, I borrowed the title from Hozier’s great song: “Take me to Church.” Hard to resist!

Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, for photographers rural churches and chapels have a special draw. They can make for wonderful compositional elements in stunning locations. The planners and builders of these Houses of Worship choose these locations with great intention. The idea was to accentuate the church and to feature it as the most important element in the landscape. Many of my photographs demonstrate how this was achieved by building the church at a high point or even on an island.

See some of my favorite churches and chapels in Europe by clicking here or, better yet, come to church with us!

Happy shooting!