6 Simple Tips Photography Challenge

Thank you all for participating in our latest Photography Challenge and for not only sending us great images but also adding to the educational aspect of this challenge. :-)

Here are the 6 TIPS again:

1. Keep Your Photos Simple
2. Shoot From A Different Angle
3. Capture Close-Up Detail & Abstracts
4. Use Symmetry
5. Look for Patterns
6. Show Depth In Your Photos With Leading Lines

As you will see in the captions, often an image showcases more than 1 compositional rule. Here are your entries organized by the main tip they refer to:

Keep Your Photos Simple


Joseph Colson | Simplicity + Different Angle | “RGB” | Palouse, WA

Huw Thomas | Simplicity + Pattern | Provence, France

Vicki Wert | Simplicity + Close-up | Nazaré, Portugal

Mimi Cunningham | Simplicity | France

Dennis Wert | Simplicity + Close-up

Mike O’Connor | Simplicity

Kathy Manville | Simplicity + Close-Up

Shoot From A Different Angle


Randy Howard | Very Different Angle | Paul Getty Center

Now here’s some serious dedication to getting the shot. Randy writes:

[I took] this photo while hanging outside of a helicopter above the Getty Center as the copter pilot turned the chopper sideways. Then we free-fell for 3 to 5 seconds so I could get the Getty Center looking straight down (or at least close to straight down). Just a side note, they removed the entire chopper door for me that day so I checked my seatbelt 5 times before I said, ‘let’s go’.”

I think I’d still be checking my seatbelt. But that’s just me, right? (~Magrit :-))

Randy Howard | Different Angle + Pattern | Eiffel Tower, France

Vicki Wert | Different Angle | Porto, Portugal

Mike O’Connor | Different Angle + Symmetry + Pattern

Dennis Wert | Different Angle

Capture Close-Up Detail & Abstracts


Marianne Werner | Abstract + Close-up

Vicki Wert | Close-up + Simplicity | Toreirra, Portugal

Gary Simmons | Close-up | Sea Buoys | Procida, Italy

Mimi Cunningham | Close-up + Pattern | France

Dennis Wert | Abstract

Mike O’Connor | Abstract + Pattern

Molly Murphy | Close-up + Pattern | Crab Pots | Bodega Bay, CA

Use Symmetry


Vicki Wert | Symmetry | Venice, Italy

Mike O’Connor | Symmetry + Close-up

Randy Howard | Symmetry | Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, France

Dennis Wert | Symmetry

Look for Patterns


Vicki Wert | Pattern | Douro Vineyards, Portugal

Mike O’Connor | Pattern + Leading Lines

Huw Thomas | Pattern + Simplicity + Leading Lines | Camarque, France

Dennis Wert | Pattern | Spying on tourists from the Campanile in Venice, Italy

Kathy Manville | Close-up + Pattern

Show Depth In Your Photos With Leading Lines


Randy Howard | Leading Lines | Paul Getty Villa

Randy Howard | Leading Lines | Paul Getty Center

Dennis Wert | Leading Lines

Vicki Wert | Leading Lines | Pisa, Italy

Gary Simmons | Leading Lines | “3D Stairs” | Procida, Italy

Mimi Cunningham | Leading Lines | France

Kathy Manville | Leading Lines + Pattern