Enjoy Jim’s  first Quick and Easy Photography Tip in our new series.

Our Photography Travel Tours participants often ask for quick and easy photography tips that would improve their images, be they related to composition, exposure, equipment, travel, or post-processing. We don’t want to bog you down with lengthy tutorials. Just one easy to implement tip at a time will, so we hope, be fun for you to try out and greatly improve your photography.

Today’s tip shows you what to do when you photograph a building close-up and end up with ugly distortion. In a situation like this…

…do your photos (God forbid) look like tourist snapshots?

Here’s an easy way to remedy these ugly converging lines. With Lightroom’s Transform Tool you can straighten those lines and make your images much more professional looking.

Here’s the raw image BEFORE Lightroom

Easy and Quick Photography Tip, before

This is the same image AFTER using the nifty Transform Tool in Lightroom

Easy and Quick Photography Tip, after

And now, follow these quick and easy steps in Lightroom


Good luck and let us know how it goes.

For a slightly longer YouTube tutorial on the same subject matter check out: Jim Nilsen of Photography Travel Tours demonstrates his technique for correcting those distracting, converging lines using Lightroom and how to properly capture the photo in the field.

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