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Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour Details

• April 22 to May 1, 2019 (9 nights)
• Group size: min 5, max 12
• Cost: $4,295, single supplement $795
• Tour starts and ends in Prague

Join us on this 9-day Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour which includes 4 nights in intriguing Prague, 3 nights in Southern Moravia’s rolling hills, 2 nights in magical Česky Kumlov and more.

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Prague, a fascinating gem of a city, fairytale Česky Kumlov and the rolling wheat fields of southern Moravia are all fantastic photo tour destinations.

The timing of our Czech Republic & Czech Republic Photo Tour is scheduled to coincide with the intense green of the rolling wheat fields of Southern Moravia at the end of April. This countryside resembles the popular rolling wheat fields of the Palouse in America’s Washington State, except it’s a bit steeper which allows us to capture excellent graphic compositions with our cameras. Combine this with four days in Prague, one of Europe’s most magical cities, and two days basing out of Bohemia’s fairytale medieval town of Česky Kumlov and you have the makings of an exciting Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour.

Join us for this ten-day Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour for an experience of a lifetime in a region that you will not want to leave!

  • Four nights in Prague, photographing its cobbled lanes, grand village-like castle, bridges and amazing architecture which includes Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Splendidly restored Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings are plentiful throughout the city and perhaps the finest we have seen in Europe.
  • This tour is timed to coincide with the green of the rolling spring wheat fields of southern Moravia. This is a great area to use a mid range zoom to capture colorful and graphic images. We spend three nights in a quaint small village right in the heart of this lovely region.
  • We will spend 2 nights based in the fairytale small town of Česky Kumlov in southern Bohemia. National Geographic has called  Cesky “One of the World’s Greatest Places.” We couldn’t agree more.
  • We will photograph and visit the medieval city of Kutná Hora and Bohemia’s Unesco-protected Telč which features one of the country’s most colorful and well preserved old town squares.
  • We will also take time each day to share images and learn post processing and in-the-field techniques.
  • In addition to great photography opportunities we will have time for photo sharing and critiques. We will also be lecturing on photographic topics including:
    • Composition
    • Digital Workflow
    • Panoramic Photography
    • Depth of Field calculation
    • Focal Blending
    • Blue Hour Photography
    • Filters, Neutral Density and Neutral Density Grads
    • Photoshop & Lightroom Tips and Tricks
    • Nik software
This is a sample itinerary which is subject to change depending on weather and other circumstances beyond our control. Changes in the itinerary are always made to provide the best possible experience for our clients. 

April 15

Our Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour will begin at 3 pm at our hotel which is located right next to the Charles Bridge. We will take this time to get to know one another, to go over the tour agenda, to do a shake down of our equipment and to make sure that we have the essential camera settings dialed in.

We will have dinner as a group (not mandatory but always fun) at a nearby restaurant. Most likely we will not do a photo session this evening as we want to ease into this tour. We find that many of our clients charge too rapidly into the tour and wear themselves out.

April 16 & 17

We will spend these two days exploring and photographing the magical city of Prague. We will plan in time for post-processing and rest during the mid-days. There will be one early morning and two evening blue hour sessions.

April 18

Today we head SE to southern Moravia. Departure for the 3 hour drive to our home village of Kyjov for the next three nights in southern Moravia is at 9 am. Afternoon photo session in the amazing rolling wheat and canola fields.

April 19 & 20

We will spend these two days exploring the nearby countryside capturing amazing graphic patterns of the rolling fields of green wheat and intensely yellow canola fields. Mid to long telephoto zooms are very useful here. The 70-200 on a full frame or better yet the 100-300 or 100-400 (Canon) or 80-400 (Nikon) are recommended.

April 21

10 am departure for Česky Kumlov. In route we will stop to have lunch and photograph colorful Telč. The amazing town square with its colorful Renaissance houses are wonderful subjects for great images. You will feel as if you were on a set for an opera by Mozart. After arriving in Česky Kumlov we will have time to explore the town before an early dinner followed by a blue hour photo session.

April 22

We have a whole day in delightful medieval Česky Kumlov to explore and photograph its narrow lanes and second largest castle district in Europe. This is a great setting for morning and evening blue hour images.

April 23

9 am departure with a stop in route at Kutná Hora, a Unesco World Heritage Site featuring a plethora of grand cathedrals, the Sedlec Ossurary (if you are into bones!) and a very amazing spiral staircase. Photo sessions and lunch in Kutná Hora before continuing on for the remaining 1.5 hour drive back to Prague. Sunset and blue hour photo sessions before our last dinner together in this charming city.

April 24

Our tour ends after breakfast. Easy transport is available to the airport.

Dates: April 15 to April 24,  2018 (9 nights)

Cost: $4,295 | single supplement $795

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What is included on this Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour?

  • 9 nights lodging
  • All breakfasts
  • Daily van transportation to photo locations
  • All entrance fees and tolls.
  • Jim’s & Magrit’s expertise in guiding and photographic instruction

Level of physical difficulty: 2 out of 5

There is not a lot of uphill walking on this Prague & Czech Republic Photo Tour with exception of one 15 minute uphill walk in southern Moravia. In Prague and Cesky Kumlov we will be be mostly on foot. In Prague we may walk up to 3 miles a day.

For some of the Czech Republic Photo Tour we will be traveling in a 9 passenger van (once we leave Prague) and you must be physically able to step in and out of the van under your own efforts. The step up into the van is higher than a typical stair step.

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Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour Personal Items, Weather Conditions, Camera Equipment Special Notes. *

* For the rolling fields of Southern Moravia you will want a long telephoto zoom. I use a 100-400mm on a full frame sensor and Magrit uses a 70-200 with a 1.4 converter on a crop sensor Canon. Without one of these lenses you will most likely be disappointed.

Temperature range for this time of year: 50º to 70º  F.

Average monthly rainfall for this time of year: 2″. We have experienced some torrential afternoon showers and thunderstorms. During the April 2017 Czech Republic Photo Tour we experienced some unseasonably cold temperatures with some light snow. With this in mind, I suggest a stocking cap, gloves, a warm jacket in addition to the items listed below.

Try to pack light, as we will not have room in the van for more than one piece of luggage plus camera bags for each of us. Most airlines are now charging for more than one piece of checked baggage. I love the Osprey Ozone series of lightweight wheeled luggage. Magrit used the Ozone 28 for 2.5 months on the road and found it perfect. You will appreciate the lighter load when you have to haul your luggage up steep streets or stairs.

Two pairs of shoes: One sturdy pair for in the field that you can get wet and muddy. One pair for evenings.

Small umbrella for rain and shade. I use an umbrella often to block the sun from hitting the front element of my lens. Black is best. I have recently begun using a handsfree telescopic umbrella which I love. You can watch a video of my review at PhotographyTravelTours.

Sweater or light jacket for possible chill on early morning shoots. A light layer underneath a rain jacket can be surprisingly warm.

Light weight rain jacket and rain pants. You don’t have to go all out here, but if we have some wet weather and it is not raining too hard we can still go out and get some good photos. * I really suggest a rain jacket if nothing else. We have worn cut open Hefty bags as skirts and they work great when we did not have rain pants. The rain gear will keep you dry when walking in tall, wet grass.  Montbell makes an excellent parka and pants that are extremely lightweight.

Hat for sun and rain protection.

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