You might have joined us on one or more of our Photo Tours or come across Jim in other ways and have appreciated his mastery of color and composition.

Learn how to take your images from good to stunning with the help of a one-to-one Skype post production session with Jim.

Here is how it works:

  1. Submit 3 favorite images you would like to improve to via Submit your highest resolution, unedited, Raw files (preferably at 16 bit).

  2. Jim will choose 1 of the images to work on, using his process and his artistic and technical expertise and experience.

  3. Sign up via Paypal for 1 hour with Jim. He will provide the Paypal link. The cost for 1 hour of personal instructions is $160 which includes the time Jim will have spent before your session to work on your file.

  4. At the beginning of your session, Jim will present you with the improved image and then guide you through the process via screen sharing. If there’s time left, a second or third image can be worked on. You can also sign up for more than 1 hour.

  5. Please contact Jim at to set up a time for your session.

In your session with Jim you will learn tips and tricks for successful post production that you can then easily apply on your own in the future.