Photography Travel Tours Update

It’s A GO!
Europe, here we come, camera in hand.

As Melissa Kirsch, staff writer at the New York Times points out: “We travel not just to escape, but to find novelty, new heights, and new sensations . . . We are nourished by novelty. Too much sameness and the world goes gray.” 

Well, here at Photography Travel Tours, our world will be filled with color and photography again this spring and early summer and we’re happy to announce that most of our 8 tours still have openings. It’s not too late to secure your spot at any of the tours listed below.

Come and Join Us for the experience we have been waiting for for 2 long years.

Cinque Terre: May 3 – 8

If you are looking for one of the best destinations in the world for creating stunning masterpieces, join our popular Cinque Terre Photo Tour!

Tuscany 1: May 9 – 16
 | Tuscany 2: June 5 – 12

Are you looking for one of the best destinations in the world to take a photography travel tour and create your own stunning masterpieces? Join us on our popular flagship Tuscany Photo Tour!

Slovenia & Croatia: May 23 – June 1

Photograph stunning sea-to-summit locations: high-alpine meadows, sparkling lakes, waterfalls, romantic castles, and medieval towns on this exciting and varied  Slovenia & Croatia Photo Tour.

Venice 2: June 14 – 18

The term of endearment that best suits this idyllic and magical city is “La Serenissima,” which means “The Most Serene” in Italian. Expect a fantastic visual feast on our Venice Photo Tour!

Italian Dolomite Alps: June 19 – 26

Imagine photographing “Peak Italy”: Snowcapped mountains, vast meadows fragrant with wildflowers, romantic chapels, and charming alpine architecture on our popular Dolomites Photo Tour.

Provence: June 30 – July 7

Lavender and sunflowers in full bloom in the Luberon, white horses charging through the surf in the Camargue, flamingos, and charming French villages. Join us on our Provence Photo Tour.

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   SPRING & SUMMER Photography Travel Tours 2022   

Cinque Terre | Timeless Italy
May 3 – 8 | FULL | WAITLIST
Tuscany Photo Tour | La Bella Toscana
May 9 – 16
Venice | The Magic of the Serenissima
May 18 – 22 | FULL | WAITLIST
Slovenia & Croatia with a Pinch of Italy
May 22 – 31
Tuscany Photo Tour 2 | La Bella Toscana
June 5 – 12
Venice 2 | The Magic of the Serenissima
June 14 – 18
Italian Dolomites | Alpine Splendor
June 19 – 26
Lavender & White Horses of the Camargue
June 30 – July 7