More great images by Photography Tour Participants in Provence 2022

After last week’s submission from the Sheffields (you can view some of their photos here), we received images from 3 more clients who participated in our 2022 Provence Photo Tour. It’s always great and rewarding to see the post-tour crop of participants’ photographs and how differently each photographer interprets a scene depending on what draws their interest (you’ll see some images repeated but with a different angle). The images below are in alphabetical order by Kelly Dean, Jacqueline Murphy, and Vicki Somppi. Jacqueline Murphy took the beautiful photo of a sunflower above.

It was such a pleasure traveling with them and watching them do what we call “working a scene.” To us, this means being deliberate about photography: Taking your time to appreciate a scene, paying attention to what one feels drawn to and what evokes an emotional response, and then “solving the problem” of how to capture all this in a well-composed photograph. At the same time, it’s about having fun and playing with different lenses, zooming in or out, shooting from above or below, finding the “star/hero” in a composition, and moving around to explore different views and angles.

Enjoy the beautiful images by these three photographers.

Kelly Dean


Jacqueline Murphy


Vicki Somppi