Photographing Tuscany — Up Close & Personal

La Bella Toscana — We Know Tuscany (and its most beautiful photo locations). It doesn’t get any better than this!

Many of you who are reading this have probably already experienced the beauty of Tuscany during one of our Photo Tours first-hand, some of you even more than once.

Pienza, our home for one week during our Tuscany Photo Tour on the horizon.

Pienza, our home for one week during our Tuscany Photo Tour on the horizon.

Charming medieval Pienza

Charming medieval Pienza

The magical Blue Hour in Pienza

The magical Blue Hour in Pienza

We stay in Pienza for one week when we're photographing Tuscany.

If you are one of over 100 clients who have joined us in photographing Tuscany, you’ve certainly strolled around Pienza, our favorite little Tuscan hilltown in the stunning Val d’Orcia and home for the duration of our Tuscany Photo Tour (think unpacking once!). You’ve experienced Il Belvedere, the charming farmhouse as it rises from the dark and the early morning mist, into the blush of the first morning light with only the sound of the roosters as a soundtrack — it’s really that poetic and magical. You have then been rewarded with the first insanely tasty cappuccino of the day. ;-)

tuscan farmhouse on hill at sunrise with sunrise

farmhouse in Tuscany

The famous Belvedere farmhouse in the stunning Val D'Orcia

The Path of the Gladiator

As a Photo Tour participant, you would have also photographed the “Path of The Gladiator” (remember a ripped Russell Crowe) that leads up to the Terrapille farmhouse —for some of you a stunning sunset shot before it became a world-famous selfie spot and for others a lovely early morning experience when we’ve again had it all to ourselves. Or maybe you were with the group that included a very unaware tour participant, a nun no less, who traipsed right in front of everybody down that path but made a good photo prop in her catholic nun’s habit (especially intriguing in b/w).

The Path of the Gladiator in Tuscany

The “Path of the Gladiator” was featured in the film “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe.

The Path of the Gladiator in Tuscany

Here you can see the Terrapille farmhouse in the background.

The Path of the Gladiator in Tuscany

Etruscans and Medieval Monks

As one of our participants, you would have visited the impressive Etruscan town of Pitigliano, the sacred medieval Abbey of Sant’Antimo, and the little chapel of Vitaleta in mist or moonshine, or on a bright spring afternoon.

The impressive Etruscan town of Pitigliano

The impressive Etruscan town of Pitigliano

Medieval Pitigliano in Tuscany

Lone Trees & Iconic Cypresses

You would have also photographed the stunning 200-year-old oak tree that we lovingly call “The Tree” and its owner calls his “Plant” and the famous group of cypresses just outside of Pienza that is now a location under copyright (no more toothpaste commercials allowed) in all kinds of weather and planting conditions. There’s something so appealing about a single tree or a grove of cypresses in the middle of a spring meadow.

A 200-year-old oak tree in Tuscany

A 200-year-old oak tree that we call imaginatively “The Tree”

A single tree in a wheat field in Tuscany

Tree with dramatic clouds in Tuscany

Tuscan landscape with spring meadow and trees

Cypresses and cross in Tuscany

You might have had to vault over a fence to get this shot but you would have always been very careful not to disturb the tender spring crop.

Windy Roads and Cypress Lanes

You would also have photographed two world-famous windy roads and several cypress lanes including the one leading up to the almost unpronounceable Poggio Covilli‬ farmhouse. And you know firsthand what a difference the light, the crop, and the weather can make. The same location never produces the same image.

A cypress lane leading up to the Poggiocovilli‬ farmhouse farmhouse in Tuscany

A cypress lane leads up to the Poggio Covilli‬ farmhouse farmhouse.

A cypress lane leads up to the Poggiocovilli‬ farmhouse farmhouse

A cypress lane leads up to the Poggiocovilli‬ farmhouse farmhouse

Windy cypress lined road and Tuscan farmhouse and fields of golden wheat

The famous "Strada per Montichiello" in Tuscany

The famous “Strada per Monticchiello” — if you’ve seen any movies taking place in Tuscany, you’d have seen this location.

The nicest Local People!

You can also attest to how warm and welcoming the locals are: You’ve bantered with Sylvia at the Piccolo Hotel La Valle and Marco at his bar, Elisabetta at the Hotel Corsigniano, and Luccio at one of our favorite restaurants, La Bucca della Fate in Pienza. Some of you have met the charming and elegant Daria years ago in Monticchiello and the opera-singing boutique owner who doesn’t sing on Sundays because that’s the day when he smokes.

San Querico in the stunning Val D'Orcia in Tuscany

A beautiful medieval wall in the charming town of San Querico in the stunning Val D’Orcia

Vino, Pici Pasta, Bistecca alla Fiorentina

You probably fondly remember the simple yet very tasty Tuscan cuisine like hand-rolled pici pasta with wild boar stew as well as sipping the famously rich (“corposo”) Brunello wine in Montalcino and its rival, the Vino Noble in Montepulciano. Some of you have even courageously shared the huge Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a grilled thick steak that’s so big that it overhangs a large dinner plate and needs the support of 3-4 fellow carnivores.

Cypresses in the mist in Tuscany

Cypresses in the mist

Cypress grove outside of Pienza in Tuscany

This world-famous Cypress grove keeps us coming back as it changes with the season and the weather

Cypress grove outside of Pienza in Tuscany

Cypress grove in Tuscany

The Farmhouses

We wrote a whole blog about these amazing old structures that are such great elements/heroes in the Tuscan landscape (you can read it by clicking here »). They’re as quintessential Tuscan as poppies and canola in full bloom, cypresses, and big skies.

Farmhouse in Tuscany

colorful tuscan landscape with old farmhouse and nice clouds

Farmhouse in Tuscany
stone hut in colorful field of lupine with stormy skies in tuscany

Farmhouse with dramatic clouds in Tuscany

Farmhouse with dramatic clouds in Tuscany

Humble Beginning of Photographing Tuscany

It all started 14 years ago. Well, to be precise, it started way before then with Jim and Magrit’s many visits to Tuscany over the years. And then a brilliant idea occurred to us. If we love this part of the world so much and find it so incredibly photogenic year after year, we could share all our favorite locations (and local friends) with other photographers. 4 courageous souls signed up for our first Tuscany tour which has become our flagship tour: Fritz, Stephanie, Cacky, and Elaine. You can meet them and other Tuscany participants by clicking here. During this first Tuscany Photo Tour, we all came down with a flight-induced hacking cough (Magrit made the rounds dispensing cough medicine from room to room each evening) but we fully rose to the occasion and had a wonderful time. And so it began. By now, we’ve had the pleasure and privilege to share our well-researched photo locations with over one hundred photography enthusiasts.

small chapel on hillside poking out of fog in tuscany

The small Chapel of Vitaleta in the Val d’Orcia hiding in the mist, illuminated by the full moon we’re planning our trips around whenever possible, and braving a dramatic storm.

Moonrise over the chapel of Vitality in Tuscany

The Chapel of Vitaleta in Tuscany in a storm

If you haven’t had the chance to craft masterpieces and fond memories in Tuscany yet, join us in 2024, and let us take you to the best photo locations. Click here for more information or call us. Our second tour is full but we have room on the first one. Secure your spot!

Photography Travel Tour participants photographing Tuscany

Come and have a wonderful time in Tuscany with us!