Photographing The Netherlands in Spring

A paradise for photographers who love flowers & color

The Netherlands is such a fascinating country with many diverse photo ops at any time of the year. However, we choose to go there in the spring to photograph the profusion of spring flowers. Any photographer who loves flowers and color will enjoy this fantastic display of jewel-toned flowers in full bloom. Bring all of your lenses — from macro to long to medium-range to wide lenses — and shoot this explosion of color super close-up or take in whole landscapes filled with tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and irises, all painted with the brilliant paint brush of spring. We’ll visit acres of commercial tulip fields as well as the largest floral exhibit at Keukenhof which only opens its doors for two months each spring.

This spring (April 14 to 22 — 8 nights) we’re looking forward to returning with a small group of photographers. If photographing The Netherlands in spring sounds as exiting to you as it does to us, come and join us!

We still have one space left on a very small-sized Photo Tour of 5 participants with Jim and Magrit as tour guides and photography instructors. This limited size of our group allows Jim and Magrit to offer a lot of personalized attention and instruction (if desired ;-)). Take advantage of this intimate group and sign up as the 5th photographer for this spring’s tour.

There are so many different approaches to photographing this profusion of flowers. It’s also a great opportunity for experimenting with some basic composition rules.

Photographing Patterns




Photographing Close-ups


Photographing Leading Lines






Photographing Perspective


Photographing Structure



Photographing with The Rule of Thirds