Photographing the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit
Spring will come to the Netherlands

Photograph the glorious Keukenhof Flower Exhibit in the spring of 2022

For all you flower-loving photographers out there: Spring will come and it will be glorious during the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit, the largest of its kind in Europe.

View a gallery of some of our favorite flower images below. 

While we’re experiencing a record-breaking cold spell in the Seattle area and are negotiating our daily walks in ice and snow with crampons on our boots, we’re dreaming of the glorious spring in the Netherlands.

We will be photographing gorgeous blooming Dutch tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies, and many other flowers, all artfully arranged into vast displays of brilliant colors and infusing the air with sweet scents.

This is a great opportunity to play with different photographic rules — lots of patterns, leading lines, zooming in on heroes/stars — and making use of all your lenses. Because of the many wonderful details, Macro shooters will, of course, have a wonderful time.

These flowers only bloom from mid-March to mid-May and consequently, the park is only open during this period — the exact time when we will visit the Netherlands during our 2022 Photo Tour. 

Keukenhof, at this point, promises to be open in the spring of 2022. Come join us to explore the unique photogenic charm of the Netherlands including this glorious flower exhibit. 

If you’re interested, we encourage you to sign up now. Your downpayment as well as your final payment will be completely refunded, should COVID prevent us from traveling before the tour begins. You have nothing to lose if you also make sure to purchase a fully refundable flight which will cost you a little extra. We find that it’s worth the peace of mind.  

In addition to photographing the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit, we will visit and photograph many other amazing regions in The Netherlands including beautiful Amsterdam, modern Rotterdam, Delft of ceramic fame, the windmills at Kinderdijk, Leiden, charming Zaanse Schans, Maassluis, Haarlem, the Marken, and the Beemster regions. Endless fields of tulips, windmills, charming traditional as well as interesting modern architecture, and the fantastic dutch apple pie are all part of the program. And since just about everybody speaks English fluently, this is a very easy country to get around in.

​We hope that you will enjoy this gallery of some of our favorite images and imagine yourself diving into this sea of color yourself.

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