Reflecting on Photographing Reflections

Choosing a theme can add freshness and fun to your photography.


colorful boat reflections on canal in italy


Over the past two weeks, you’ve joined us on a photographic adventure in magical Venice, the most beautiful city in the world (click here if you missed it), and the kaleidoscope of color on the little island of Burano (click here).

We also talked about how choosing a theme for your photographic treasure hunt can add focus and intention to your shooting and can be very rewarding and fun. In Venice and Burano, themes could be doors and windows, laundry, certain colors, or people going about their daily lives.

Another great theme is photographing reflections: Reflections of a scene in a mirror or a window, reflections of a mountain in a lake or tarn (it doesn’t take a huge body of water), and reflections in the many canals that crisscross Venice as well as Burano.

mt baker tarn

A small tarn with a reflection of Mt. Baker in WA State

Not only will a focus on photographing reflections help you see a different aspect of a place, but it can also create interesting abstract images.

colorful boat reflection in still canal

beautiful church on an island in lake with mountains and reflection

A scene we love to return to: The beautiful reflections of the church of The Assumption and the surrounding mountains in the middle of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of photographing reflections in the Venetian Lagoon that are a reflection on how choosing a theme in photography can produce great images. (Somebody stop me! — Enough reflecting already, right?)

gondola reflections in venice, italy

Colorful building reflections in canal in Burano, Italy

Gondolas reflected in a cnala in Venice

Building in Venice reflected in canals

And here are a couple of examples of photographing reflections in Torreiro and Aveiro, both locations in Portugal.

The colorful fishing-boats in Torreiro in Portugal create attractive reflections in the lagoon

Aveiro Reflections Portugal

If photographing reflections, especially in Venice and Burano, sounds like fun to you (let us assure you that it’s GREAT FUN), then join us on our Venice Photo Tour in 2024.

Lorna, photographing reflections in Venice

Lorna is chasing reflections in Venice