Even though Jim holds a degree in commercial photography, his passion has always been travel photography. Before he became an award-winning landscape photographer (she writes proudly), he specialized in architectural photography and specifically doors and windows. And for me, with a background in architecture and graphic design, the same theme was and is endlessly fascinating. 

Much has been written about our fascination with doors and windows as openings to who-knows-what, the mystery of it all. However, doors and windows are also simply wonderful compositional elements. 

In this time of restricted movement, interesting doors and windows can be found down the street from your home. We’d like to encourage you to venture out with your cameras, keeping this theme in mind. Then send your best doors and windows shots to jim@jimnilsen.com. We’d love to showcase them in our next blog.

Here are some of our favorite images, admittedly not from our backyard but from Europe where we also feel very much at home. The first images are Magrit’s photos from last year’s photo tour research in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Let’s hope we can travel to this lovely versatile country again soon.

Scroll down to view some of Jim’s windows and doors images taken in Portugal, another beautiful country we love to explore and photograph on our photo tours.

As you can see, images focusing on doors and windows can be modern and abstract or classically beautiful and romantic, and they can be single-focus images as well as patterns of repeated elements.

We’re looking forward to your entry.

Magrit + Jim