New Photography Challenge:
Submit images that use one of our 6 Simple Tips for creating stunning photographs.

You might remember our 6 Simple Tips for creating better images. This time, we’d like to encourage you to either create or find images in your archives that relate to one of the 6 tips.

Let us know which tip your images refer to and send photos at
900 px wide and 72 DPI to

DEADLINE: next Thursday, April 22

If you run into sizing issues just send what you have and we can size it for you.

And feel free to submit up to 3 different photos of either the same tip or of 3 different ones. For a bit of inspiration, here are examples with Magrit’s photos for each tip:

Keep Your Photos Simple

Too many details distract the viewer. A busy scene makes it difficult to create a beautiful composition. Pick a Star/Hero (i.e. the most important element in your scene).

Pink wall detail in Burano, Italy

Spring fields at sunset in the Palouse in Washington State with a group of trees as the “hero”

Rolling hills in the spring in the Palouse in Washington state with canola fields, blue sky, and white clouds as the “hero”

Shoot From A Different Angle

Don’t just shoot straight on but try to position yourself above, below, and at different sides of your scene or object.

Peeking around a corner in Burano, Italy

Looking up at a contemporary building in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Looking straight up inside the Palazzo Grimani in Venice, Italy

Capture Close-Up Detail & Abstracts

A great closeup can be more powerful for telling a story and creating an atmosphere.

A distressed blue wooden antique door in Venice, Italy

Window reflection in Burano, Italy

Use Symmetry

Compose your shot so that both halves of the photo are (almost) identical and mirror each other.

Early morning at the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy

Window detail in Venice, Italy

Look for Patterns

Repeated elements can form interesting patterns.

Rolling hills in the Palouse in Washington State at sunset

Show Depth In Your Photos With Leading Lines

Creating depth helps draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. Roads, paths, stairways, and rivers all make excellent leading lines.

Arcades in San Marco Square in Venice, Italy at sunrise

And here at a slightly different angle before sunrise at the magical Blue Hour