Tour Details

• April 25 – 29 (4 nights)
• Group size: min 5, max 12
• Cost: $1,995
• Tour starts & ends at Athens airport

Are you looking for one of the best destinations in the world to take a small group photo tour? It doesn’t get any more photogenic than this.

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Meteora, meaning “Suspended in Air”, is a man-made and natural wonder that is high on the list of places to experience for photographers worldwide and certainly high on our list as we will visit it on our  Meteora, Greece Photo Tour.

From the moment I saw images of Meteora some 25 years ago I knew it was a place that I would someday photograph. Magrit & I have fallen in love with this amazing natural and man-made spectacle and it’s adjoining traditional Greek village, Kastraki which is an ideal base for our  Meteora, Greece Photo Tour. The monasteries(actually one of them is a nunnery) are built on top of natural sandstone columns rising out of the Plain of Thessaly. Of the twenty original monasteries that were built starting in the 14th century, only six remain today. They are still active and inhabited and open to the public. We will have two full days on this  Meteora, Greece Photo Tour to create stellar photographic images of these amazing Greek icons. Add to that the cozy, traditional yet modern hotel accommodation and a sleepy Greek village with tavernas featuring delicious grilled meats, garden fresh greek salads, surprisingly good local wines, and tasty baklavas for desert and you have the makings for a most enjoyable photo tour!

You are invited on this immersive trip with award-winning photographer Jim Nilsen, and designer Magrit Baurecht Nilsen.  On this guided Meteora, Greece photo tour you will explore and photograph the amazing monasteries of ancient Meteora and learn how to create stunning photographic masterpieces worthy of publication. In additional to guiding you to the best photogenic locations at Meteora, Greece, our  Meteora, Greece Photo Tour also includes instructional sessions in workflow and post processing using photo editing software so that you can get the best images possible.

Join us for a wonderful photography travel tour to one of the wonders of the world.

  • Expert guidance to one of the “Photographic Wonders of the World”, Meteora.
  • Two full days at Meteora with ample time for early morning and late afternoon photo sessions and time during the mid-day to rest and process images.
  • Comfortable, cozy, traditional yet modern guest house in Kastraki.
  • The sleepy and traditional Greek village of Kastraki. At the base of the Meteora you will have wonderful views of the soaring monasteries right from the village. Excellent, fresh, local cuisine and wines.
  • In addition to great photography opportunities on this photography travel tour to Cinque Terre we will have time for photo sharing and critiques. We will also be lecturing on photographic topics including:
    • Composition
    • Digital Workflow
    • Panoramic Photography
    • Depth of Field calculation
    • Focal Blending
    • Blue Hour Photography
    • Filters, Neutral Density and Neutral Density Grads
    • Photoshop Tips and Tricks
    • Nik software

This is a sample itinerary which is subject to change depending on weather and other circumstances beyond our control. Changes in the itinerary are always made to provide the best possible experience for our clients. 

April 25

We will spend this evening at a hotel near the Athens airport. We meet at 4 pm for an orientation and a chance to get to know each other. We will discuss the agenda for the next 4 days and do a shakedown of our camera equipment and go over a few important camera settings and in the field photographic techniques.

Dinner at the hotel.

April 26

9 am departure for the 5 hour journey to Meteora with a lunch stop in route. After checking into the hotel we will head out for a survey of the area scoping out all of Meteora’s monasteries and nunneries. This is reconnaissance for shooting locations for the evening and the next three days.

April 27 – 28

The monasteries are just a few minutes drive from our hotel in Kastraki. This gives us the flexibility of coming and going with as much frequency as we desire. If it gets too hot and we need a break/nap we can come back to the hotel. We will photograph the monasteries and nunneries from numerous vantage points along the access road and also take time to tour the interiors of most of them, or all, if time permits. We will make time each day for post processing sessions and lessons and well as photo sharing with the group. We can also take walks on the many paths that meander through the woods below the monasteries. This is really lovely landscape. The small Greek village of Kastraki is a real delight and we will enjoy delicious lunches and dinners here.

April 29

We will have one last opportunity for a sunrise photo session before breakfast. After breakfast and packing we will depart for the 5 hour journey back to the Athens airport. Lunch in route. For those continuing on with us to the Ancient Santorini Photo Tour we will be spending this night at a hotel near the Athens airport. The hotel is part to the package for those doing both the Meteora and Santorini Photo Tours.

Dates: April 25 – 29, 2016  (4 nights) 

Cost: $1,995 | single supplement $395

Take 5% off of the total costs of any tours when you sign up for 2 or more.

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What is included?

  • 4 nights lodging
  • All breakfasts
  • Daily van transportation to photo locations
  • All entrance fees and tolls as well as ground transportation except for transport to and from the airport.
  • Jim’s & Magrit’s expertise in guiding and photographic instruction

Level of physical difficulty: 2.0 out of 5

Involves some walking on steep hills and uneven surfaces.

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Join us after your Meteora adventure for a photo tour to the over-the-top photogenic island of Santorini for an opportunity to practice and hone your new photography skills and and to experience another of Greece’s magical wonders. Take 5% off of the total costs of any tours when you sign up for 2 or more.

Greece | Ancient Island of Santorini Photo Tour

April 30 to May 7 | 2016 (7 nights)

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On Santorini there’s something for every photographer’s style and preference: large vistas, sculptural architectural details, wildflowers and people (even donkeys). Aside from the visual feast, your senses will be engaged by the scent of cedars, freshly baked feta pies and the taste of Santorini’s now world renowned wines, cherry tomatoes, honey, sweet white eggplants, capers, cheeses, fresh fish and meats.

Personal Items and Weather Conditions

Temperature range for this time of year: 55 to 75º F

Average monthly rainfall for this time of year: 1 ”


Try to pack light, as we will not have room in the van for more than one piece of luggage plus camera bags for each of us. Most airlines are now charging for more than one piece of checked baggage. I love the Osprey Ozone series of lightweight wheeled luggage. Magrit used the Ozone 28 for 2.5 months on the road and found it perfect. You will appreciate the lighter load when you have to haul your luggage up steep streets or stairs.

Two pairs of shoes: One sturdy pair for in the field that you can get wet and muddy. One pair for evenings.

Light weight rain jacket and rain pants. You don’t have to go all out here, but if we have some wet weather and it is not raining too hard we can still go out and get some good photos. * I really suggest a rain jacket if nothing else. We have worn cut open Hefty bags as skirts and they work great when we did not have rain pants. The rain gear will keep you dry when walking in tall, wet grass.  Montbell makes an excellent parka and pants that are extremely lightweight.

Small umbrella for rain and shade. I use an umbrella often to block the sun from hitting the front element of my lens. Black is best. I have recently begun using a handsfree telescopic umbrella which I love. You can watch a video of my review at PhotographyTravelTours.

Sweater or light jacket for possible chill on early morning shoots. A light layer underneath a rain jacket can be surprisingly warm.

Hat for sun and rain protection.

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