Happy New Year from Photography Travel Tours!

We thought we’d start the New Year by introducing you to an exciting upcoming event: The Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series 2023. We’ll be purchasing this program as, like you, we never want to stop learning from and being inspired by other expert photographers.

This is from the introduction on the organizer’s website:

Have you ever wondered how professionals look at their images and make their post-processing decisions? Through the Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series, you will be able to see what goes on in their minds, on their computers, and how they create impactful images, thoughts, and insights.  The speaker series is a unique opportunity to hear from and interact with people that rarely speak with audiences and are considered some of the best photography educators in the world.

For the Winter Speaker series, we are turning our focus to Post Processing and we have assembled some of the most respected educators to show you new ways to post-process your images.

At only $27 per speaker or $87 for all four speakers, it is incredibly well priced, with the opportunity to ask questions live, possibly have your images worked as some of the processing will be on user-submitted images.  These LIVE 2-hour sessions will be jam-packed with the very best in post-processing techniques, explanations, demonstrations, and also the logic of why or why not to do certain things.

The cost is $27 per speaker or $87 for all four speakers and you get the recordings if you can’t make the live event.


  • Michael Frye-“Using the Powerful Range Mask Tool and Local Adjustments in Lightroom Classic”
  • David Kingham-” Rethink Lightroom: A Unique Approach to Colors and Tones”
  • Sean Bagshaw-” Photoshop Blending: Focus, Perspective and Dynamic Range”
  • Nick Page-“Mastering Luminosity Masks and Selections”

And here is the link so you can sign up for this event:


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