Create Stunning Travel Photos Using These Easy Photography Techniques

There are countless principles that contribute to achieving powerful compositions in photography. Here, we have carefully selected seven simple tips (although there are many more) that are specifically tailored to assist beginners but can also serve as useful reminders for experienced photographers.

Feel free to experiment with all seven tips or choose a few that pique your interest. And always remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the process! We sincerely hope that you find these tips and the accompanying examples useful.

1. Keep it Simple

Without a clear focus, an image can lose its impact and become disjointed. To remedy this, we suggest to pick what we call a “hero” or a “star” — the most important element in a scene and focus on that with all other elements functioning as a supporting cast. At times, you’ll also find a couple of heroes in your scene as in the image below. The tree, of course, is the main focus but the dramatic sky is as important for creating this atmospheric composition.

This 200-year-old oak tree serves as an excellent example of easy photography techniques. This image focuses on a "hero" and additionally, this image showcases a beautiful leading line.

This 200-year-old oak tree serves as an excellent example of a “hero” in landscape photography. Additionally, this image showcases a beautiful leading line.

2. Shoot From Different Angles

At times, participants on our Photo Tours may feel like they are not quite “getting” it, meaning that they’re not quite connecting with a scene and don’t see or “feel” what’s interesting and worth shooting. In those situations, we suggest reframing their perspective and considering that they simply haven’t discovered it “yet.” A helpful approach is always to capture the scene or subject from various angles. This might involve crouching, shifting to the left or right, or even looking down on or up to the subject. We refer to this as “working the scene,” which sets apart those who casually snap photos from those who approach photography with intention and curiosity.

A spiral staircase in Porto in Portugal — photographed by lying on our backs looking up, is a great example for shooting from different angles, one of our easy Photography Techniques.

A spiral staircase in Porto, Portugal — photographed by lying on our backs and looking straight up.

3. Capture Close-ups, Details, and Abstracts

Explore the beauty and effectiveness of close-ups, details, and abstracts. In the realm of landscape photography, shift your focus to the intricate petals of a flower, the textured bark of a tree, or the captivating shape of a unique rock. When it comes to architectural photography, venture beyond the facade of a house and instead, capture just a door or a window, or zoom in even closer. Play with abstract architectural features where colors, shapes, textures, and light create interesting compositions that transcend the boundaries of literal representation.

Colorful fishing boats in Portugal

These fishing boats in Portugal provide wonderful colors and shapes as well as attractive reflections.

4. Embrace Symmetry

Contrary to the opinion of some photography instructors that symmetry is to be avoided (which we find baffling and, frankly, wrong), capturing symmetrical compositions can be a powerful tool in photography. Disregard the notion that symmetry is off-limits and instead use it just like “leading lines” to draw viewers into your images. Symmetrical scenes can infuse your photos with a sense of significance and importance. Just think of how the pews in a church lead up to and elevate the importance of the altar. That’s the power of symmetry.

One of our easy Photography Techniques uses symmetry for creating powerful images

This modern architecture in The Netherlands lends itself to a symmetrical composition. Reflections in the glass facade add an interesting element.

5. Train Your Eye to Notice Patterns

Patterns, much like close-ups, details, and abstracts, have the ability to transform your photographs into captivating works of art when you fill your entire frame with interesting repeated shapes. Pebbles on a beach could make great patters as can vast tulip fields, trees in a forrest, or the facades of buildings as shown below.

A great example of patterns, another one of the many easy photography techniques are these colorful house facades in the lively city of Porto in Portugal.

A great example of patterns in photography are these colorful house facades in the lively city of Porto in Portugal.

6. Create Depth with Leading Lines

Leading lines have the power to guide the viewer into your photograph. Whether they take the form of roads, rivers, or stairways, these lines create depth and three-dimensionality.

One of our easy Photography Techniques is the rule of Leading Lines." Rows of lavender in full bloom on the Valensole plateau in Provence lead us into the image.

Rows of cut lavender in full bloom on the Valensole plateau in Provence lead us into the image and are supported by a symmetrical composition.

rule of thirds graph7. Playing with the “Rule of Thirds” is one of the most powerful easy photography techniques

Imagine dividing your image frame into nine equal parts by drawing two evenly-spaced horizontal lines and two evenly-spaced vertical lines. Now position your main subject (the star or hero of your photo) near one of the intersections. This technique comes in handy when a symmetrical or centered composition doesn’t quite work. By doing so, you infuse your photo with tension and energy.

One of the Easy Photography Techniques is the Rule of Thirds, demonstrated by this image of a single pink Tulip in The Netherlands.

This single pink tulip is placed strategically at the intersection of two Rule of Thirds lines.

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