DAY 5 | (October 22, 2020 / May 5, 2021)

Today, let’s explore the last 2 villages: Manarola with the most photogenic view in the Cinque Terre (or so we think) and Riomaggiore.


The train ride from Monterosso to Manarola takes 11 minutes. Manarola is our favorite town to stay at in Maurizio’s small B&B before or after our tours. This village is an international photo destination (we even ran into Australian photographer Peter Lik last year). It’s equally fun to photograph during the day (especially with interesting clouds) and at or after sunset.

Mid-day with its open shade provides opportunities to photograph the interior of the villages and colorful architectural facades and snoop around the colorful fishing boats in the harbor.

For Blue Hour photography, we get to the most coveted spot at least 1 hour before sunset, set up our tripods in a row, and take turns walking back down into the village for tasty take-out food and wine. Not a bad place to just hang out and watch the light change. By the time serious shooting starts, there will be at least 50 photographers lined up and ready.

Manarola, Cinqueterre, Italy

The evening blue hour in Manarola.

A 20-minute walk uphill brings us to this viewpoint.

Exploring the back-alleys of Manarola.


Another 2 minutes on the train will take us from Manarola to Riomaggiore, the last pearl in the necklace of the Cinque Terre.

Fun details in Riomaggiore

Nice, open shade to really make the color of these boats pop. Riomaggiore.

The most classic photo op in Riomaggiore at sunset

The evening blue hour in Riomaggiore


More specialties that are characteristic of Liguria’s cuisine are the famous pasta al pesto (especially with trofie and trenette pasta), ricotta-and-spinach-stuffed pansotti topped with walnut sauce, and the farinata crepes made with chickpea flour. Here’s the recipe for the walnut sauce again. I’ll be trying this one for sure: Salsa di Noci.

Tomorrow we say “arrivederci” to the Cinque Terre villages and take a day off before we meet again for our next virtual photo tour starting on Saturday. This time, we’ll be visiting and photographing in Tuscany (our flagship tour).

Buon viaggio — ci vediamo domani!