DAY 4 | (October 21, 2020 / May 4, 2021)

Today, we’ll explore 2 more of the  Cinque Terre villages: Colorful Vernazza and Corniglia high up in the hills on the Ligurian coast.

This post is mostly a photo essay. We’d like to share some of our favorite images of each town, followed by 2 new tasty recipes in case you have lots of time on your hands and want to bring Liguria into your home. Click here for getting you in the mood with the right dinner music.


From Monterosso, it takes a mere 3 minutes by train to Vernazza. This is Rick Steve’s favorite town and everybody in town knows and adores “Ricky.” Reason enough for us to call it Ricksville or Stevesburg. When the whole town flooded a few years ago and the ground floors of most buildings on the main street were buried in mud, Rick Steves helped out with generous donations to get the town back on its feet.

Watch Rick’s video stroll through town by clicking here. »

The small harbor of Vernazza photographs down low on the sea rocks

The sun setting in the Ligurian Sea

A view of the harbor from the trail above on the west side


After another 3 minutes on the train from Vernazza and a short ride on a small bus, we arrive at Corniglia which, unlike the other Cinque Terre villages, is perched high up in the hills. Corniglia is small, charming with great views and restaurants and, arguably the best icecream in Liguria.

The colorful facades of Corniglia

A fishy detail from one of the many souvenir shops


These 2 recipes sound delicious, don’t they? Good luck!

Salsa di Noci (Walnut sauce) and Torta Pasqualina (Artichoke Savory Pie)

Join us again tomorrow when we’ll visit the next 2 villages in the Cinque Terre pearl necklace.

Buon viaggio — ci vediamo domani!