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Pienza and the Val d’Orcia | Quintessential Tuscany

Tuscany — idyllic land of cypresses, rolling hills and big skies. Tuscany is where it all started for us. Numerous visits to “our” charming cobblestoned village of Pienza in our favorite part of Tuscany finally lead to the idea of sharing the experience with other passionate photographers in 2009. Our first photo tour was born and Tuscany is still our […]

Magnificent Glow | Photographing in Tuscany

This week’s guest post is by Frits Habermann, a Seattle-based fine-art nature photographer who captured this image while photographing in Tuscany on one of our Photo Tours. Every year, we keep returning to the same amazing location which we now call “The Cathedral of Frits” for the awe inspiring effect it had on Frits with its otherworldly beauty, […]

Photo Tour in Tuscany | La Bella Toscana

This week’s guest post is by Nancy Crowell who took these 2 photos during our photo tour in Tuscany. She loves looking at the “smaller” picture.
Macro Poppy (above): Nikon D600 | ISO 100 | 105mm @ 105 |1/1000 @ f3.0
Landscape (below): Nikon D600 | ISO 100 | 70-300mm @ 92 mm | 1/160 @ f 8.0

THE STORY: Nancy was a participant on […]

Photographing Italy | Tuscan “Bookends”

This week, we’re pleased to present a guest post by Gerald Vincent, a gifted Canadian fine-art photographer and participant on a couple of our photography travel tours.
Gerald created this image during one of our Tuscany photo tours. Our base for photographing Italy is the charming medieval hill town of Pienza where he was able to capture village life and, by converting the image […]

There’s never too much Tuscan Sun!

You’ve seen the movie . . . Tuscany is really that beautiful and romantic.
“Under the Tuscan Sun” and countless books about Americans moving to Tuscany to restore a pile of rocks to rustic beauty, give you an idea of the addictive attractiveness of this part of Italy.

Dario Castagno, a Tuscan tour guide, however decided that he’d had enough of […]

Must-see (and photograph) gem in the heart of Tuscany

Pienza — we have a long-standing love affair with this lovely medieval hill town in the province of Siena in Tuscany.
Pienza, often called the “touchstone of Renaissance urbanism,” is situated between Montepulciano and Montalcino. It offers a fantastic view over the beautiful Val d’Orcia and is smaller and more intimate than its 2 more well-known neighbors.

The […]

Tuscany, Italy: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Incredible landscapes and vibrant settings can be found in Tuscany, one of the most photogenic regions in the world.

Aside from the region’s famous wine production, Tuscany is known for its breathtaking landscapes and iconic architectural attractions. Tuscany has inspired painters and artists of all mediums with its moving, romantic beauty and sublime visual elegance.

From stunning […]

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Are You Interested In Tuscany Vacation Packages?

Have you ever considered purchasing one of the photography related Tuscany vacation packages? Tuscany is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It has a rich heritage of architecture and artistry and also has numerous world-class museums. The most famous is the Uffizi museum in Florence. You can also visit the many medieval towns as well […]

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Wondering Where To Go For Photography Tours? Europe Is The Place To Be.

If you’re interested in traveling while experiencing one of the exiting photography tours, Europe is definitely one of the most ideal locations for exactly this type of vacation experience. Travel and photography are a perfect marriage. While traveling you can photograph all of the beautiful and exotic wonders the world has to offer, which you […]

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Have You Ever Wondered What it is Like To Take An Italy Photo Tour?

If you enjoy taking vacations and also enjoy photography then you would be delighted in attending an Italy photo tour. Tuscany is by far the most beautiful and romantic place in Italy. Most tours of this nature spend time traveling through the Tuscany countryside and experiencing all of the wonderful and photogenic scenes it has […]

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