Plan your 2024 Photo Tours in Europe

5 things you should know before choosing your 2024 trip with Photography Travel Tours (our 14th season)

1. How large are our tours?

Our small group tours take a “slow travel” approach. That means as few hotel changes as is feasible given our photo destinations. For instance, during our two Tuscany tours, we spend the whole week in one charming hotel in Pienza, our favorite Tuscan hill town.

The group size is limited to 10-12 participants with an average group size of 7-8. This allows for maximum personal attention from Jim and Magrit and supports camaraderie between the tour guests. Many of our tours are designed so that our participants can even take 2-3 tours in a row which makes sense given that once you made it to Europe and have gotten over jet lag, you might as well experience more than one destination. It’s also nice when people who have bonded during one tour continue on together.

Over the past 14 years, we have established strong relationships with charming local hotels and restaurants. We are loyal to our friendly family-run establishments which translates into caring and attentive treatment of our guests.

2. Who are the people who travel with us?

Our trips attract individuals who share a love for photography and travel. Our participants enjoy forming genuine connections with locals and fellow guests which includes learning and shooting together but also many moments of laughter and sharing as a “temporary family” or mini “tribe.” We welcome couples and solo travelers, as well as small groups of friends or family members. We love and appreciate that close to 60% of our travelers are repeat customers. Our trips have become a regular part of their lives, with some individuals having joined us on five or more trips (in one case even during one travel season). Our guests come from all US states as well as Canada and Australia with the occasional Brit, Brazilian, and other nationalities sprinkled in. 

3. What will I learn on one of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe?

Some participants understand the workings of their cameras, how to pleasantly compose a photograph, and how to get the best out of their images using photo-editing software. Many others may not feel completely comfortable and confident with their photographic skills.

That is where Jim and Magrit come in. We are both skilled and trained artists. Jim holds a degree in commercial photography and has been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years. Magrit has degrees in architecture and graphic design and knows a thing or two about composition. We love to share our knowledge and thoroughly enjoy seeing the transformation that takes place in our clients after just a few days on one or more of our photo tours.

4. How good a photographer do I have to be to benefit from these tours?

Photographers of all skill levels join our photo tours. For very experienced and/or professional photographers, the benefit lies in not having to research the best photo locations themselves as we have done this work for everybody extensively. For people who are fairly new to photography or want to learn additional skills, Jim and Magrit offer teaching and support in the field as well as classroom modules, should the weather not allow the group to shoot outdoors. What we very strongly recommend is that you know your camera settings and have a basic understanding of ISO, F-stops, Aperture, and the Histogram (we call it the “Holy Histogram” because it’s such a useful exposure feedback tool). In preparation for a photo tour, it would benefit you to take a few online or in-person classes. Aside from that, we’re here to help.

5. How did Jim and Magrit meet?

This is the questions we are getting asked the most, right after “What’s your favorite tour.” As one of our fellow tour guides likes to say, choosing one tour as the fave over all others would be like choosing a favorite child. Plus we wouldn’t offer a tour we don’t love or a country and photo destinations we have not researched and visited extensively. As to how Jim and Magrit met, you will have to come on one of our tours to find out. :-)

Secure your spot!

Our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe are starting to fill up. However, you can always sign up now and cancel up to a certain date should something come up to prevent you from traveling. We also have a wait list for tours that are full as cancellations can happen. If you’re ready to start planning, consider joining us on one of our wonderful trips and experience the beauty of Europe through your camera lens.

We intentionally decided to focus on photo destinations in Europe and we promise that we’ll take you to the most beautiful places so that you can put the WOW factor into your photography.

Check out all our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe. We’re looking forward to traveling and shooting with you!


The Czech Republic Photo Tour | Old-World Charm

(link to detailed tour information)

Join us on this 8-day “Old World Charm” Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour. Included are 3 nights in intriguing Prague, 3 nights in Moravia’s rolling hills, 2 nights in magical Česky Krumlov, and more.

A 2024 photo tour to the rolling hills and cypresses in Tuscany

Tuscany Photo Tour #1 | La Bella Toscana

(link to detailed tour information)

Tuscany is one of the best destinations in the world to take a photography tour and create your stunning masterpieces! Join us on our popular flagship “La Bella Toscana” Tuscany Photo Tour!

Tuscany Photo Tour #2 | La Bella Toscana

(link to detailed tour information)

Our “La Bella Toscana” Tuscany Photo Tour is so popular, that we decided again to add a second one in 2024 so that you too can create your stunning masterpieces!

The beautiful fishing villages of the Cinque Terre are part of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe

Cinque Terre Photo Tour | Timeless Italy

(link to detailed tour information)

If you are looking for one of the best destinations in the world to create stunning masterpieces, join our popular “Timeless Italy” Cinque Terre Photo Tour!

Magical Venice is part of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe

Venice Photo Tour | The Magic of the Serenissima

(link to detailed tour information)

The term of endearment that best suits this idyllic and magical city is “La Serenissima,” which means “The Most Serene” in Italian. Expect a fantastic visual feast on our “The Magic of the Serenissima” Venice Photo Tour!


Portugal Photo Tour | A Visual Feast

(link to detailed tour information)

Join us on this 9-day “Portugal, A Visual Feast” Photo Tour, and photograph fascinating Porto, the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley, impressive 12th-century monasteries, the tile-covered town of Aveiro, and medieval Obidos, and so much more.

Provence and lavender in full bloom are part of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe

Provence Photo Tour | Lavender & Villages

(link to detailed tour information)

Idyllic French villages and farmers markets, delicious local cuisine, the scent of lavender and sunflowers in full bloom. Join us on our “France at its most charming” Provence Photo Tour.

Photographing the exhilarating white horses of the Camargue is part of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe

Camarque Photo Tour | Exhilaration Defined

(link to detailed tour information)

Four action-packed, adrenalin-infused, sessions with the amazing Whites Horses of the Camargue in Southern France. Join us on our “Camargue White Horses” Photo Tour.

Can you see yourself making photographic masterpieces in Europe in 2024 — learning new camera tricks, smelling lavender in full bloom, sampling Brunello in Tuscany and Fois Gras in Provence, walking on medieval cobblestones, and enjoying congenial company in small groups? Then join us on our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe. We’d love to have you!

Tuscany group on one of our Photo Tours in Europe

This, dear friends, could be you! Come join us in 2024.

Photography Travel Tours participant testimonialConsidering one of our 2024 Photo Tours in Europe? Here is a testimonial from our most prolific participant and by now dear friend, Huw Thomas from Australia. Huw has joined us on 10 (!) photo tours over the past years.

Huw Thomas | Cinque Terre + Venice + Tuscany (twice) + Slovenia & Croatia + The Dolomites (twice) + Provence

When you’re on to a good thing stick with it. Traveling is so easy when you’re being picked up from the hotel and all further accommodation, travel, meals or recommended eating spots, delivery to the best of photo spots, assistance for composition, technical camera work, post-processing suggestions, and delivery back to the end hotel are taken care of. How carefree is that!!

At the end of the trip, you’ll have great photos taken in all sorts of weather conditions (in the laps of the gods!), great memories of food, have forged new friendships, and experienced great leadership and assistance for all sorts of things associated with travel and photography. A real photographer’s experience. It’s what you make of it, but it’s also the organization, planning, encouragement, and support from two great personalities. Thanks, Magrit and Jim. Many great trips and many great memories and photos. I now also have more knowledge about photography gained from not only Jim and Magrit but also from the many exchanges with fellow participants. Would I do it again? Yes, I would, and yes I did. Looking forward to even more trips. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just interested and able to use a camera. Photo ops for landscapes, architecture, people, and abstracts all await, served on a platter! Thanks again to Jim, Magrit, and many new friends!

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