2023 Photography Travel Tours Schedule

Thank you for your interest in our 2023 Photo Tours. We’re excited about the line-up and especially about adding Austria and Bavaria as new destinations.

We’re currently working diligently at finalizing details for each 2023 tour. Most tours are already in place and ready to go (see links below). For the tours we’re still working on, please check out the same tours in 2022. Even though minor details might change for 2023, it’ll give you a general idea of what to expect. Our Austria & Bavaria tour will be finalized in August of 2022 after we’ve completed our extensive research on the best photo locations and accommodations.

The Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour | Old-World Charm: April 4-12

(link to detailed tour information)

Join us on this 8-day Czech Republic & Prague Photo Tour. Included are 3 nights in intriguing Prague, 3 nights in Moravia’s rolling hills, 2 nights in magical Česky Krumlov, and more.

The Netherlands Photo Tour | Tulips, Canals & Windmills: April 15-24

(link to detailed tour information)

Photograph the amazing diversity of this tiny country including medieval towns, boats and canals, the stately windmills of Kinderdijk, the vibrant tulips fields of North Holland, over-the-top color in the Keukenhof Gardens, modern Rotterdam and much more.

Cinque Terre Photo Tour | Timeless Italy: April 28-May 3

(link to detailed tour information)

If you are looking for one of the best destinations in the world creating stunning masterpieces, join our popular Cinque Terre Photo Tour!

Tuscany Photo Tour | La Bella Toscana: May 4-11

(link to detailed tour information)

Tuscany is one of the best destinations in the world to take a photography tour and create your own stunning masterpieces! Join us on our popular flagship Tuscany Photo Tour!

Venice Photo Tour | The Magic of the Serenissima: May 13-17

(link to detailed tour information)

The term of endearment that best suits this idyllic and magical city is “La Serenissima,” which means “The Most Serene” in Italian. Expect a fantastic visual feast on our Venice Photo Tour!

Slovenia & Croatia Photo Tour with a Pinch of Italy: May 18-27

(check out our previous tour)

Photograph stunning sea-to-summit locations: high-alpine meadows, sparkling lakes, waterfalls, romantic castles, and medieval towns.

Portugal Photo Tour | A Visual Feast: May 31-June 10

(check out our previous tour)

Join us on this 11-day Portugal Photo Tour and photograph fascinating Porto, the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley, impressive 12th-century monasteries, the tile-covered town of Aveiro, medieval Obidos and charming Lisbon.

Austria Photo Tour | The hills are alive with the sound of shutters!: June 14-22
(link to temporary tour information — Details to come)

Join us to photograph the beautiful castles, lakes, abbeys, alpine villages, and rolling vineyards of this small country with its powerful history in the heart of Europe.

Provence Photo Tour | Lavender and Villages: June 26-July 2

(check out our previous tour — 2023 no horses on this tour)

Lavender and sunflowers in full bloom, and charming French villages. Join us on our Provence Photo Tour!

Camargue Photo Tour | The Magnificent White Horses: July 3-6

(check out our previous tour — 2023 no lavender on this tour)

White horses charging through the surf, flamingos, and charming French villages. Join us on our Camargue Photo Tour!