From Venice to Greve in Chianti

cecilias kitchen From Venice to Greve in ChiantiWell, even with the best intentions, internet access is not always a given. So here is yesterday’s post.

We drove our sporty rental car from Venice to the Chianti region of Tuscany and spent the night at a very charming B&B (Podere Torre) which we “discovered” several years ago when we only meant to spend one night and ended up staying for 5 instead.

The B&B is located up the hill from the little town of Greve in Chianti. It’s an old farm house on a working farm that has been lovingly restored and has a wonderful view over the valley below. You sleep under 700-year-old wooden beams and cozy down comforters, surrounded by a tasty country charm atmosphere. The owner, Cecilia, obviously likes her job and her mostly American customers and treats her guests to a delicious breakfast with home-made jam and  a choice of “American” or “Italian” coffee (a very potent brew).

terracotta From Venice to Greve in ChiantiWe get a kick out of Cecilia’s 3 friendly dogs, especially of Napoleon, the smallest and, of course, the most animated one.

The Podere has 3 rooms for a total of 5 guests. Contact us if you’d like to get more information. We love this place and wholeheartedly recommend it. And we got to “work for room & board.” Cecilia wanted to trade for photographs of her place — an easy and fun task for us. She even sent us off with a bottle of her own olive oil. Maybe we can “work” our way across Tuscany as itinerant photographers.

Jim took the photo of Cecilia’s kitchen and Magrit took the second image of 5′-tall urns at a terracotta factory outside of Greve.

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10 Responses to From Venice to Greve in Chianti

  1. John McCauley says:

    Love the photography. Your journal entry makes me feel like I’m there.

  2. garry says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  3. Duffy Dufresne says:

    Sounds like your having fun – nice photos!

  4. Kelly says:

    I love the colors of that kitchen!

  5. Trish McCloy says:

    The wooden table is beautiful!

  6. Nici Soria says:

    Like the terracotta.

  7. Nici Soria says:

    Like the terracotta

  8. Janet luhrs says:

    Gorgeous photos and I wanna be there too!

  9. sally horton says:

    How did I miss this one? I love that kitchen. Reminds me of putting together a lovely caprese…

  10. Mike says:

    Love the kitchen

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