rain but . . .

vitaleta rainbow rain but . . .From Greve in Chianti we made it to Pienza in the Val d’Orcia, our home for the duration of the tour. We’re here to make sure that Benedetto did a good job at remodeling his B&B (it’s lovely) and to eat our way through as many restaurants as possible and make dinner reservations for the group. On the way here we passed one of our favorite photo ops, the little chapel of Vitaleta. It was close to sunset with a light rain, ominous clouds, and, as you can see, a little surprise.

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9 Responses to rain but . . .

  1. Kelly says:


  2. Trish McCloy says:

    What an amazing photo! The chapel is beautiful!

  3. Nici Soria says:

    Adding to my list of places to visit.

  4. carey says:

    I’m enjoying this so much Jim…….thanks so much for sharing the experience!

  5. Sally Horton says:

    Lovely photo. How come mine aren’t like that when I take one???

  6. Connie Powers says:

    Almost too beautiful to be real! Just exquisite!

  7. Connie Korn says:

    Aaaaah, Italia! And a rainbow…nice.

  8. Karmyn says:

    So beautiful!

  9. myrna says:


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