One more panorama from Procida

I just can’t seem to get enough of this scene of Marina Corricella here on the island of Procida. The viewpoint is only a two minute walk up hill from our hotel. This image was made just after sunset and was stitched together in Photoshop from 4 frames.

We are off to Naples tomorrow to pick up a rental car and then down to the Amalfi Coast for more research.


Jim & Magrit

marina corricella One more panorama from Procida

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19 Responses to One more panorama from Procida

  1. Gorgeous. I think you need a research assistant.

  2. Nancy says:

    WOW!!! What more can I say? Simply fabulous!

  3. Connie Korn says:


  4. sally horton says:

    Clever and beautiful. Thanks for showing us.

  5. Karmyn says:

    Amazing. What a wonderful opportunity.

  6. Nici Soria says:


  7. Catherine Wyatt Bell (Cacky) says:

    Yes! I am there . . . . magic, simply magical. Keep up the good work and travel safe.

  8. Catherine Wyatt Bell (Cacky) says:

    Fritz, you better stay home for a while. I would like to volunteer to be the research assistant. Age before beauty or they need someone who can just take the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ picture. I AM that person!

    • Yes, I will for su…..hey, wait, what’s that over there.. Is that a kitty?….
      (quick, Jim, where do I sign?)

      • jim says:

        Cacky, Frits — too cute you two. And for everybody else, you just had to (or will have to) be there — ’cause it truly was “all good” and not just according to Stephanie. :-)

        I find it interesting how we influence each other. When I now try to take a photo of an old man, I think of meaningful b/w options because of Frits and I think of the openness with which Cacky approaches her subjects. When, as a somewhat reserved European, I greet somebody whose picture I’d like to take, I come from a place of apologies for the intrusion. Cacky, on the other hand, simply opens her arms and her gesture and smile says: “I love you.” Pretty irresistible for anybody — kids, dogs, frogs, cats and old men.

  9. Judy says:


  10. Stephanie says:

    Yes indeed . . . “It is all good!” And by the way, I submit my application also :-) Just so you know . . . I can carry camera equipment with the best of them and can retrieve the perfect Spritz each evening with a calm grace. Ha! Oh well . . . it sounded good . . . :-) Miss you guys!

  11. Mike says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, me like.

  12. Janet Luhrs says:

    Drop flaming dead gorgeous!

  13. Catherine Wyatt Bell (Cacky) says:

    Lets not forget who got you started on the “old men” photos you are now becoming famous for. I will concede that the B&W was your idea. For that reason I strongly feel that we would be an excellent team for the job.
    Oh Fritz, I think you should adjust your ISO a little and maybe your aperture while you are at it. Oh no, while futzing you missed the great light! Sorry.

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