Memories from Val d’ Orcia

Even though it feels that I have a million and one things to do, including resting to get over our jet lag, I could not resist spending some time going through some of the images from the trip. This particular photo was a grab shot and was not too sharp but I really liked the mood and composition, so it was a great situation to soften the photo more to enhance the mood. I did this in Camera Raw by dragging the clarity slider all the way to the left. As my friend Bill Vanscoy would say: “Sharpness is overrated”.

Val d orcia dream1 Memories from Val d Orcia

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5 Responses to Memories from Val d’ Orcia

  1. sally horton says:

    Love it! Very evocative.

  2. Karmyn says:

    Feels as if you’re really there. You can sense the peacefulness of the morning (?). I hope its morning. If its not, don’t tell me. ;-) It makes me feel the way I do when I listen to Kenny G. Like PP said…evocative.

  3. Ingrid says:

    Agreed = sharpness is WAY over rated!

  4. Nici says:

    Love it. Very dreamy looking.

  5. Catherine Wyatt Bell (Cacky) says:

    How simply lovely.

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