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Today was our second-to-last day of this inaugural “Tuscany in the Spring” photo tour. Tomorrow, we’ll make our way back up north to spend our last day shooting in Pisa.

It’s been so much fun to observe how each photographer in this group kept experimenting, developing and trusting their unique personal style, and shooting up a storm. The daily progress is quite noticeable.

The body of work that has been produced over the course of this past week is truly impressive. Here are a few more samples for you to enjoy.


FRITS knows how to apply his great eye, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness to any subject matter, be it in b/w or color.

FL 3 The Latest Photo Crop

FL 1 The Latest Photo Crop

FL 2 The Latest Photo Crop


CACKY: Her passion for life and people shines through in all her images.

KL 3 The Latest Photo Crop

KL 1 The Latest Photo Crop

Pia (97-years-old)

KL 2 The Latest Photo CropFrits and Jim at work

STEPHANIE expresses beauty, delight, and appreciation in her photographs.

SL 1 The Latest Photo Crop

SL 2 The Latest Photo Crop

SL 3 The Latest Photo CropJim and Magrit at lunch (with Spritz)


ELAINE always finds the slightly quirky and unusual.

EL 1 The Latest Photo Crop

EL 2 The Latest Photo Crop

And here is the comment we’re hoping for at the end of this tour:

I never had so much fun in all my life The Latest Photo Crop

• • •

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10 Responses to The Latest Photo Crop

  1. Nancy says:

    Impressive photos!

  2. james curtis says:

    very nice, thanks for posting!

  3. sally horton says:

    I’d like to meet Cacky. Her photos are wonderful (as are Jim’s of course, but that’s a given!) If you get a chance in Pisa you should eat at Hostaria Le Repubbliche Marinare. Great atmosphere and awesome food.

    • Catherine Wyatt Bell (Cacky) says:

      Thank you for the nice comments regarding my photos. I am always happy when someone gets enjoyment from my work.

  4. garry says:

    Great picture of Jim and Magrit!!

  5. Connie Korn says:

    Great photos. The sunset is gorgeous and Stephanie’s landscape shot is great.

  6. Nici says:

    Love the sunset.

  7. Connie Powers says:

    Yes, great shot of Jim and Magrit. And I especially like the shot of Pia.

  8. Mike says:

    LOVE the shot of you two “at lunch”! I’ve never seen that face Magrit — Italy suits you — or maybe it was the lunch? Chow!

  9. Trish McCloy says:

    From the simple shots to the more complex – all are beautiful.

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