Having Fun

Cacky and Elaine shooting at the medieval monastery in Torri and Cacky interacting with “bambini” in San Gimignano. Also a still life from the flower market in Pienza below.

cacky2 Having Fun

elaine Having Fun

cacky1 Having Fun

red flowers Having Fun

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10 Responses to Having Fun

  1. sally horton says:

    So are any your group just beginner photographers? They look so professional I’d be intimidated.

    • magrit says:

      Hi Sally,

      This group happens to be a pretty even mix of clients with a passion for photography and shooting experience, with various degrees of equipment. Yes, I can see where one could be intimidated by the big guns, but it is also an opportunity to see how a semi pro or pro photographer uses their equipment. Since our tours are intentionally small, personal attention is given to every participant, regardless of the degree of experience.

  2. Nici Soria says:

    Like the flowers – what kind are they?

  3. magrit says:

    Hi Nici,

    First, we want to thank all of your for your wonderful comments and your virtual participation in our trip. We read and appreciate everything you write.

    The flowers are Begonias. They are displayed at the flower show here in Pienza along the medieval street in the town center in many glowing shades of red, fuchsia, yellow, and orange.

  4. Wyatt Nelson says:

    Looking good Mom/Cacky, Happy Mothers Day…you look very happy and relaxed. We all love you back here in the States. Maybe next year we could go together. Kisses from all your grand kids. Ciao Mama

  5. Diane Heacox says:

    You are missing a rainy Mother’s Day in the states. It certainly looks like a marvelous trip with nice people. I am enjoying seeing your picture on the website.

  6. Trish McCloy says:

    Cute – showing pictures to interested parties – best part of digital.

  7. Connie Korn says:

    I like the one with the kids. You can tell they liked seeing their picture.

  8. magrit says:

    Nice to see that you’re following our progress, Jeff. :-)

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