Caio from San Gimignano.

SG 12 300x200 Caio from San Gimignano.After spending 10 days in Klagenfurt, Austria, staying with Magrit’s sister Eva and nephew Florian, we arrived in San Gimignano, the first hill town that we wanted to research for the Spring Photo Tour. We had briefly visited here on a trip about 12 years ago and did not linger as the town was full of tourists and tourist geared stores. This time we ventured further in(up) and to our delight we loved what we found. It really is a lovely town, despite the hoards of tourists and we think it has much to offer for the serious photographer. It will definitely be included on the spring tour.

SG 22 300x200 Caio from San Gimignano.Arrivederci.

Jim & Magrit

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