Tuscany, Italy: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Incredible landscapes and vibrant settings can be found in Tuscany, one of the most photogenic regions in the world.

Aside from the region’s famous wine production, Tuscany is known for its breathtaking landscapes and iconic architectural attractions. Tuscany has inspired painters and artists of all mediums with its moving, romantic beauty and sublime visual elegance.

From stunning […]

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The 5 S’s for Enhancing Sharpness in Photography

Without sharpness, your time and energy spent to capture the perfect shot will be in vain. Sharpness is crucial in a good image, and can be tricky to achieve sometimes. To avoid taking photos with parts that are mistakenly out of focus or blurry, follow these simple tricks to enhance sharpness in your photography…


Start with […]

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Cinque Terre, Italy: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Along the coast of the Italian Riviera, to the west of Le Spezia rests the five villages known as the Cinque Terre. This area is a popular destination, due in part to its complete lack of cars and corporate development. Remote, picturesque, and enchanting, the villages of the Cinque Terre are accessible only by boat, […]

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Guidelines for Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset Photography

The romantic mood and vivid colors in sunset & sunrise photography make this one of the most popular compositions in amateur and professional photography. Breathtaking sunset & sunrise photography does not just happen by accident; a certain eye, technique and skill is necessary.

To support your efforts, here are some of the most important guidelines for […]

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Santorini, Greece: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Panoramic sights, breathtaking sunsets, stunning scenery, iconic religious structures… the island of Santorini in Greece is truly a spectacular place for capturing incredible images. In our annual photography travel tours, we visit several fantastic locations throughout Europe, but Santorini holds a special place in our hearts. We discovered the magic of this island 30 years […]

Top Tips for Daytime Long Exposure Photography

How do you make the most of a breathtaking scene using photography? Each spring, on our European photography travel tours, we offer guidance and instruction on photography techniques for outdoor daytime photography. In the meantime, we’d like to share some tips for specific photography techniques. One special photography technique is daytime long exposures. During the […]

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Photographing while on the road between art shows

I recently was on the road, attending two art shows, one in Bozeman, Montana and the second in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On the route home I took some time to get off of the beaten path and found this wonderful bend in the St. Maries River not far from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

It helps to […]

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The Cypresses at San Querico in Tuscany, Italy

Each spring on our photo tour to Tuscany we visit this wonderful scene near San Querico d’ Orcia in the beautiful Val d’ Orcia region of Italy. 2014 was our fourth season visiting this location and it seems that every other year we will find a wheat crop surrounding the trees. Last year there was […]

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Feisol Traveler CT-3401T & CT-3401 Tripod Reviews

I just did a review on two Feisol Tripods that I am suggesting for travel. Check out this video on here »

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Photographing the Night Sky by Dave Morrow

Every once in a while 500px presents a very good tutorial. The one by Dave Morrow is very informative if you are interested in getting some of those great Milky Way and Star photographs.

Click here for Dave’s tutorial: Photograph the Night Sky by Dave Morrow.

Photo by Dave Morrow

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