Waterfall Magic at Plitvice, Croatia

Magrit and I recently spent two days at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia researching for an upcoming photo tour in May of 2016. This was our second visit to this amazing land of waterfalls and lakes.

The park features 16 lakes cascading from 2,087 to 1,650 feet elevation over a distance of five miles.

What makes this national […]

Santorini, a Photographer’s Dream

Last Chance to Reserve Your Spot on a Thrilling Photography Travel Tour

Breathtaking views, vibrant landscapes, stimulating culture, and photographic instruction… These are all features that make our European photography travel tours incredible experiences.

Each year, Magrit and I host several small groups of people in some of the most iconic destinations in and around the Mediterranean: Greece, Italy, and sometimes France. In 2016 we will add Croatia, […]

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Go Beyond the Rule of Thirds: Top Composition Techniques

There’s so much more than following the Rule of Thirds when it comes to top-notch travel photography. Composing an image that will create a story, or capture a moment and make it come to life is definitely an art form. It’s also what makes photography so engaging as a practice.

Here are some of the top […]

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Limited Space Remaining on our 2015 Photography Travel Tours!

The 2015 photography travel tour season is quickly approaching! Now is the time to book your tour to photograph enchanting landscapes and colorful vignettes and enjoy the vibrant cultures and delicious foods of these amazing destinations.

Here is a quick rundown of the locations to look forward to visiting in this season…

From April 26 through May […]

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Tips & Rules for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a big part of all our photography travel tours. Learning to compose your image, access the lighting, and capture something fresh and beautiful are just a couple of the things on a photographer’s mind when shooting landscapes.

Whether you are a beginner or more seasoned at the skill, you can benefit from the […]

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Venice, Italy: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Set in the picturesque northeastern region of Italy, the city of Venice is not only a visitor’s fairy tale to explore, it is also a photographer’s wonderland.

Aquatic avenues and romantic settings are just a couple of the renowned features of the city of Venice. For photographers of all skill levels, this exquisite water-bound city offers […]

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Enhance Your Photography at the Magic Hour

With landscape photography, the prime time of day to capture photos is during the ‘Magic Hour’. Also referred to as the ‘Golden Hour’, this is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. This golden hour offers magical lighting to make any ordinary photograph extraordinary, with the right timing, settings, […]

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Tuscany, Italy: Photography Tour Location Spotlight

Incredible landscapes and vibrant settings can be found in Tuscany, one of the most photogenic regions in the world.

Aside from the region’s famous wine production, Tuscany is known for its breathtaking landscapes and iconic architectural attractions. Tuscany has inspired painters and artists of all mediums with its moving, romantic beauty and sublime visual elegance.

From stunning […]

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The 5 S’s for Enhancing Sharpness in Photography

Without sharpness, your time and energy spent to capture the perfect shot will be in vain. Sharpness is crucial in a good image, and can be tricky to achieve sometimes. To avoid taking photos with parts that are mistakenly out of focus or blurry, follow these simple tricks to enhance sharpness in your photography…


Start with […]

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