We have arrived in Heaven (Procida)

We made it to this idyllic little island after quite a journey. A 10 hour night train from Klagenfurt, Austria to Rome, and then another 1 hour train from Rome to Naples. A cab ride to the port of Naples, a 45 minute hydrofoil ride to the island of Procida and another 10 minute cab ride thru the very narrow lanes to our hotel overlooking the most amazing harbor and fishing port. This is the real deal. If you get up around 7am and watch the harbor below, you actually see the fisherman coming in with their fresh catch after a night on the water.

procida 1 e1305794882749 We have arrived in Heaven (Procida)

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5 Responses to We have arrived in Heaven (Procida)

  1. Nici says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the harbor pic.

  2. sally horton says:

    Beautiful place…one of my favorite drinks! What a life :)

  3. Karmyn says:

    WOW!!!! I love those colorful houses!! That is such an awesome picture!!

  4. Trish McCloy says:

    Beautiful – please share the name of the hotel!

    • jim says:


      We stayed at this place http://www.lacasasulmare.it/de/home.asp. It is a bit worn around the edges but the view from our deck was amazing. The best on Procida. It was great to get up early and watch and photograph the fisherman coming back into port. There is another place that is nicer but without the wonderful view.

      Thanks for following the blog.


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